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Around the House: January

In this first, quiet month I am:

~enjoying reading at a much slower pace

~seeing how much my Bible study, daily Bible reading, and other reading are fitting together. Some difficult, but necessary lessons.

~planning to share what I'm learning soon. At least portions of it.

~reconciling myself to the fact that I can't stop high school graduation or the ensuing departure for college. I might have cried when reading college acceptance letters.

~watching the Lord unfurl my girl's wings in preparation for her flight from the nest.

~curious to know what the empty nest will feel like, and trying hard not to think about it.

~happy for seasonable weather, at long last!

~savoring the empty spaces left behind by Christmas decorations tucked away again.

~revamping my homekeeping schedule, marveling at how much better it works for me, and wondering why it's taken me so long. 

~learning the importance of balance in all things.

~accepting the necessary place quiet has in my life.  Amy Carmicha…

Using the Sword as a Club

Just two weeks into my 2016 reading plan and I'm already reaping the benefit of reading less and thinking more. The slower pace gives me space to tie my reading together and apply it. Though beneficial, I can't say it's entirely fun. In fact, this extended pondering has led to conviction and brokeness.
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