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To Blog or Not to Blog...

...that is the question. And, silly as it may sound, it's one that has occupied much of my recent thoughts. Truth be told, I can think of many reasons I shouldn't blog - or at least what I shouldn't blog about:

Homemaking. My house is usually clean, but not immaculate. None of my rooms are magazine or Pinterest worthy. I enjoy making our home a sanctuary, but I don't have any original tips or tricks to offer.

Cooking. I like to cook, but most of our weeknight meals are a joint effort so we can put the food on the table faster. We don't follow any special sort of diet, and I'm not creative enough to make up my own recipies.

Organization. I'm a firm believer that everyone has to find their own system. Honestly, some areas of my home have no system at all - and it shows!

Family Events/Accomplishments.My own personal convictions prevent me from sharing much about my husband and our daughter. I respect their privacy.

My "Wonderful" Life. There's nothing…

Still Fighting for My Girls Dreams

16 candles will be pulled out of the box tomorrow. I consider how quickly time has passed since we pulled out a single candle. Back then she was too young to wish, so I made them for her. Even now as she wishes, I silently lift my prayers to the Lord. I listen to her dreams and I think, Go for it!

Although her plans have changed somewhat since I wrote this post in May 2013, these words still rings true...

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Around the House: October

The morning fog testifies to the cool night that has passed. Peanuts, at long last unearthed, lie on the ground in wait. Pumpkin spices fill the air. Autumn is slowly creeping in.

As the days grow shorter, I am:

~Preparing to celebrate my daughter's 16th birthday and wondering how we got here this quickly.

~Enjoying the final weeks of field hockey season.

~Purging closets and drawers.

~Relishing the feeling of accomplishment an orderly and simple home gives me.

~Hoping for energy to tackle the attic.

~Delighting in my nightly visit to Mitford. I'm reading the first book, At Home in Mitford. Yes, I know I'm woefully behind the times! I've decided to crawl out from under my rock.

~StudyingThe Word of the Lord: Seeing Jesus in the Prophets by Nancy Guthrie.

~Having a blast teaching children's Sunday School with my husband.

~Whittling my blog reading list. The taunts of the unread posts in my reader were entirely too much to handle.

~Still pondering limitations in my …