Thankful Thursday

I had no idea it has been so long since I've written a Thankful Thursday post. I could say I don't know why I haven't, but I've realized my heart isn't filled with gratitude proportionate to the blessings I've been given. Taking this time to be intentional reminds me of the Lord's kindnesses, both great and small.  Such as:

~friends who readily open their home to us

~a special roadtrip with my girl

~conversations full of the Lord's grace

~lunch at a favorite spot

~a walk on a path strewn with fallen leaves and memories

~an opportunity to help my girl work to realize her dream


~having my dad over for a simple dinner

~a husband who loves me lavishly


~the Lord's amazing provision

~the pleasure of curling up with a good book

~a warm home

~much needed rest

~another year of life with a dear friend

Blessings all mine, with 10,000 beside!

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