On Suffering and Summer Reading

I tell you again, if there be any pathway in which there be not fire, tremble, but if your lot be hard, thank God for it. If your sufferings be great, bless the Lord for them, and if the difficulties in your pathway be many, surmount them by faith, but let them not cast you down. 
- Charles Spurgeon

It seems that I can't get away from suffering. Lately it's been a recurring theme in my reading and listening, and not by my own design. Which makes me wonder if the Lord is preparing me for something. Or maybe He's preparing me to minister to others. Either way, I haven't been able to ignore this providence.

Join me at Out of the Ordinary to read the rest...


  1. Whatever the reason these are on your list, you will be blessed. I am sure! It's a potentially neglected subject, but, one well worth our time and attention. I left you a much longer note over at Out of the Ordinary. Hugs, Camille


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