in this place...

How would you describe your blog?

My friend's question caught me a little off-guard.

Other than dormant, I had no idea. Instead, I described what I wanted this little spot to be. Behind my words, the question of my success began to haunt me.

A sanctuary of sorts. A place where visitors can stop in, worship the Lord and come away feeling at least a little refreshed. In fact, I want this place to feel exactly like my visit in my friend's home. I was met with a fluffy bathrobe and fancy towels. There was a bottle of water in the car when she picked me up, and a gift bag waiting on the bed for my arrival. Her family made me feel welcome, loved. Our conversations took many twists and turns, but the goodness of the Lord was the common thread that wove them all together.


I want to read less opinion, more beauty. That tweet pierced my heart. Yes! my soul whispered.

Opinions are loud, brash, invasive. Opinions demand attention.

Beauty is calming, assuring, inspiring. Beauty captures attention.

Opinions have the potential to be thought-provoking and valuable. I've yet to encounter beauty that wasn't both. Among the onslaught of opinions out there, I want to read beauty - online and off.

                 The truth of Scripture.

                 Exquisitely written prose.

                 Exhortation to walk in the light of the Gospel.

                 Encouragement to worship the Lord God.

I want to read these things. I want to write these things.


As I continue to work out my salvation (Phil. 2:12) and pursue the quiet life (1 Thess. 4:11-12), I hope to encourage others to walk in the knowledge of God's love, mercy and grace. I pray that in this place the truth of God's Word, his goodness, and his faithfulness will be found. May we worship the Lord together, and find respite for our souls here.

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