coming too quickly

The white robe is tucked away in her closet. The mortar board is hiding in the guest room. The announcements have been put in the mail box.

Each evening my girl gives the countdown. There's no need. A mother is well aware of how quickly her little girl is vanishing before her very eyes.

This week she receives the cord, the golden tassel, and the stoles that mark her years of hard work. Next week she'll march the final steps of her childhood.

And through the tears, I will be cheering her on: sad that this part of her life is ending, and thankful that the Lord has allowed me to be a part of it.


  1. SO beautiful! Yes, it is bittersweet....enjoy every minute of it....even through the tears. The next stage will be wonderful and the Lord will give the grace...step by step. Big Hugs!! XOXO


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