The Battle

The Quiet Life isn't always easy. There are days when my fingers long to take to the keyboard, when I am filled with wanting to

...pound out my frustrations with other people's hypocrisy/drama/ignorance

...loudly proclaim my accomplishments

...itemize my husband's attributes

...praise my daughter's achievements

...let everyone know where I've been and what I've been doing

Yes, it is a struggle - sometimes of nearly epic proportions. Yet I strive, with everything that is in me, not to give in to those temptations because

...I have enough hypocrisy/drama/ignorance of my own, even though I try not to put it on public display, and much of what frustrates me isn't worth a personal confrontation (translation: UNIMPORTANT) accomplishments are nothing - NOTHING - compared to what's been accomplished for me through Christ relationship with my husband is between us and the Lord; no one else needs to know details

...I'd rather praise my girl face-to-face rather than screen-to-screen

...I cannot expect my daughter to practice wisdom & employ boundaries in social media if I do not model these concepts for her

Living quietly requires effort, a continual dying to self. By no means have I perfected it, so I keep plugging along.


  1. It is timely that I should read this today. Yesterday, was one of those days wherein I felt like I Tweeted too much. I struggle with finding what I feel like is an appropriate balance for me. One thing I TRY to remember in my use of social media is to treat other people the way I want to be treated. It sounds like you are very conscious of this.


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