To Blog or Not to Blog...

...that is the question. And, silly as it may sound, it's one that has occupied much of my recent thoughts. Truth be told, I can think of many reasons I shouldn't blog - or at least what I shouldn't blog about:

Homemaking. My house is usually clean, but not immaculate. None of my rooms are magazine or Pinterest worthy. I enjoy making our home a sanctuary, but I don't have any original tips or tricks to offer.

Cooking. I like to cook, but most of our weeknight meals are a joint effort so we can put the food on the table faster. We don't follow any special sort of diet, and I'm not creative enough to make up my own recipies.

Organization. I'm a firm believer that everyone has to find their own system. Honestly, some areas of my home have no system at all - and it shows!

Family Events/Accomplishments. My own personal convictions prevent me from sharing much about my husband and our daughter. I respect their privacy.

My "Wonderful" Life. There's nothing fascinating or interesting about my daily life. It is extremely ordinary, but it is wonderful. I have a loving family, a great church, terrific friends, a good job, and my health. More than that, I have Christ. He makes life extraordinary for a woman who spends much of her time wondering what's on the menu and the calendar for next week, and just how early is too early to put on her pajamas.

Motherhood. Bill Cosby used to say that parents of one child don't really qualify as parents. While it's true I've missed out on sibling rivalry and arguments, I still find the trenches of parenthood difficult to navigate at times. I have no expert advice. My daughter isn't likely to be a Rhodes Scholar or a missionary, though she does have big dreams. I've made plenty of mistakes and I'll make plenty more. I don't need to broadcast them.

So what's left? As I've thought about blogging and looked over a few posts from years gone by I've realized that blogging was most natural and fun when I had no expectations. When I had no self-imposed rules or agendas. When I felt no (again, self-imposed) pressure to make each post rival the words and thoughts of serious theologians. When I simply shared what I was learning.

I hope that will be the modus operandi in this quiet corner of the internet - to write about what I'm learning...and to realize there will always be so much more to learn.


  1. "When I simply shared what I'm learning." I think that is the best approach. The best thing to blog about is the Lord Jesus Christ, and if you start there, the ideas come! Thankful for you, friend!

  2. Yes! Avoid trying to fit a particular niche and write what inspires you to write. Your readers will show up.

  3. I appreciate your words here, Melissa. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this sometimes confounding world of blogging. May the Lord give much wisdom as we navigate these waters in the days ahead. I appreciate you. Hugs, Camille


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