She'd denatured parts of her own existence by printing and framing and freezing them. And they'd become denatured even further by being written about, analyzed, lionized by other people, by strangers. 
- Anna Quindlen Still Life with Breadcrumbs (p. 231)

and this,

It’s great that struggling and lonely people can find community, resources, and honest conversations with others online. But one drawback is that we can feel a weird sort of obligation to put our private stuff out there for everyone to read -- as if a little privacy were the same thing as a lack of authenticity.
- Rebecca Reynolds @ Thistle and Toad 

as well as this,

The internet makes the world too big sometimes. Big can be good, as the internet delightfully stretches our reach across the globe, enabling us to glimpse what gospel laborers are so faithfully doing in various creative ways.
But then, when our view is stretched out across the world, it is far more difficult to close the laptop and return to the close-up view of our lives. The close-up seems small, like the sluggish feeling of slowing the car to 30 when we've been cruising at top-speed on the interstate. It suddenly seems as if we're going nowhere, doing nothing, at least nothing that would draw attention as a status update.
- Christine Hoover @ Grace Covers Me

and praying for eyes that focus on the close-up.

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