thankful for

...conversations with my girl about her future. Watching her eyes light up, listening to her plans, affirming her gifts. These are good things.

...the Lord's provision. It doesn't always come in the way or time I'd like, but it always comes.

...books that challenge me to change my way of thinking.

...sisters in Christ who uphold me in prayer.

...fresh coats of paint

...laughter. With my husband, my girl, friends. Precious times.

...and these,

I thank thee for personal mercies,
a measure of health, preservation of body,
comforts of house and home,
sufficiency of food and clothing, continuance of mental powers,
my family, their mutual help and support,
the delights of domestic harmony and peace,
the seats now filled that might have been vacant,
my country, church, Bible, faith.

~Valley of Vision


  1. The Valley of Vision is a treasure of a book, isn't it? Hugs to you! XO


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