Thankful Thursday

Praising the Lord for a week full of blessings:

~A weekend away with my husband, which included a show at the Kennedy Center and worship at Capitol Hill Baptist Church

~A husband who granted my longtime wish to see a show at the Kennedy Center

~Mark Dever's faithful and powerful exposition of John 19

~The events of John 19, and God's revelation of Jesus as King from court to cross to corpse

~A gentle reminder from the Lord that I too often rely on what I think I know of Him, rather than looking to His true revelation of Himself in His Word

~God's providential care

~An astonishingly beautiful book about unimaginable suffering and the goodness of God

~The opportunity to post at Out of the Ordinary  this week, and the ladies who blog with me there

~Thought-provoking, iron-sharpening discussions with my husband, with my girl, & with dear friends

Blessings all mine, with 10,000 beside...Praise His Name!


  1. I love the hiding place, that book was a life changer for me. It's my favorite other than the Bible. Amen to all of your thankful thoughts!

  2. I think I'm going to listen to that sermon by Dever.

  3. Your weekend away sounds delightful, edifying, and refreshing, Melissa! Thanks be to God for this multitude of blessings!


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