The Sacrifices of Biblical Womanhood

...if you - you married women - embrace the truth that your womanhood, true womanhood is uniquely and indispensably created by God to display the glory of His Son in the way you relate to your husband, you will have a calling of infinite significance. 
- John Piper (source)

As I hoped it would, reading intentionally gives me a fresh perspective; in January I read with eyes bent toward my role in our home and helping my husband. Once I began looking, I couldn't stop seeing.  My Living Intentionally notebook can't confine the lessons, they're pouring out into my thoughts and - oh, how I pray! - my actions.

One lesson that has struck me with force came through reading A Severe Mercy. It's an exquisitely written account of the love and marriage of the author, Sheldon Vanauken, and his wife, Davy, and her untimely death. In the pages of their story, the Holy Spirit pricked my heart. "A year before her death, Davy offered-up her life for me, for the fulfilment of my soul." (p. 217, spelling as written)

In an illustration of John 15:13, this young wife was willing to give her life in exchange for her husband's soul.  I've often thought that it's the man's job to lay down his life for the woman. After all, men are generally stronger and Peter calls women the weaker vessel (1 Peter 3:7). Davy offered her life so that her husband might grow closer to God. Should I be any less willing to do the same? As Piper writes, my relationship with my husband should display the glory of Christ, who laid down His life that I might live. There are hundreds of ways I can do the same for my husband each day. I lay down my life when I lay down

      my agenda

     my selfishness

     my pride

     my laziness

     my frustrations

     and so much more!

The other part of Davy's story that encouraged me was the way she helped her husband watch her die. She set aside her pain and suffering to walk with him through her death. She supported, protected, and helped him, as only a helpmeet can. She continued to lay down her life for him, until she drew her last breath.

What a beautiful picture of Biblical womanhood.

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