A Shift

Turning the calendar to September makes me happy. I know that Autumn is near. I long for its crisp mornings, cool evenings, and bright colors. My heart sings with the rhythm of routine. This year I'm slowly untangling from burdens that have been weighing heavy for far too long. I'm feeling hopeful, renewed. I may have even stumbled upon my desire to write.

Interesting, that. The more I shift my focus away from social media - its harangues, frenetic pace, and mind-numbing silliness - the more picking up my figurative pen and returning to this space appeals to me. I'm tired of issues and rants, being told what to care about and to whom I should listen (usually, to whom I should not listen). Even in Christian circles, there's vitriol and venom that poisons whatever it touches.  It's enough to make me want to crawl inside a Wendell Berry novel and hide deep in the luxuriousness of his words. Better still, it has propelled me to the Word. There I contemplate wisdom and folly, the grace of God, and the quiet life.

Always the quiet life.

I believe I've finally come to realize that quiet isn't just a quantifier of volume. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, quiet can also be defined as carried out discreetly...or with moderation. Providentially, I discovered this definition on the same day I underlined Proverbs 2:11 in my Bible ...discretion will watch over you. Discretion seems to be a lost art-form in this age, but I aspire to it.

In my home...to quietly serve and guard my family in practical, loving ways.

In my relationships...to keep what is private, private.

In my words...to build up and not tear down.

In my living...to avoid the temptations to draw attention to myself, believe my opinion must be heard, and follow the crowd.

I haven't yet worked out what these changes will look like here, but I have some inklings. More than anything, I want this place to be one of peace and rest, a respite for anyone who visits and for myself as well. And even more than that, I want it to be a place where Christ is exalted and we partake of His grace together.

Until next time...

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